Aaron Johnson - Privé Digital Education Creative Director

Aaron Johnson With 15 years of experience behind the chair, Aaron Johnson, Privé Digital Education Creative Director, was touring and playing with bands before taking up hairdressing. After a friend suggested he become a stylist, he went to school and discovered that both had a connection to the audience that he liked.

"Once I realized the personal effect I could have on people, hairdressing became a passion for me."

Now, the two-time Hairbrained Video Award Winner (2015 Video of the Year, 2017 Instagram Video of the Year) has been cutting hair exclusively for five years, enjoying the dramatic change it produces in both the client's appearance and confidence.

ElectroKraftCut from TheCollective on Vimeo.

"Every time I'm working, I'm trying to channel that person and make it more about the individual that's wearing the haircut than myself."

Showing off their personality can be a form of storytelling. With each cut, there's a possibility to tell a narrative through videos and photography. Aaron's work blends the old-school craft of hairdressing with the new-world consumption of media.

"What I encourage people to do is to produce content. I think it's good for people to make art."

The content doesn't have to be perfect every time. In fact, it's the imperfectness that tests and refines you.

That's what made me better: filming and watching it."

Sharing what works and what doesn't through education is how stylists uphold the integrity and craft of hairdressing. It's an open discussion about the work that's happening. Asking and answering the "why" is what will make the difference in a stylist's career.

He puts out content that he'd like to see as a hairdresser, which also means that he's publishing his education where they are: on social media. Stay tuned to Privé's social channels and website to see his exclusive content, including educational cutting videos, every month.

With Privé, Aaron hopes to encourage flexibility with the products. Stylists are going to use the products how they want to, no matter what you tell them, because they're creative. Flexibility and versatility is also a must for consumers who are looking for more of a wash-and-wear lifestyle where they use one product and that's it.

"I want to give as much information as possible and take it into a real world setting where you can make a real impact in your relationships with clients."

He hopes to grow and evolve the discoveries and learnings that Privé Founder Laurent Dufourg established when he created the brand.

"He cares about hairdressers and the integrity of the craft. I hold him in the highest regard."

Find Aaron Johnson, father, hair cutter, photographer, film maker, founder of The Collective, and Digital Education Creative Director for Privé, on Instagram (@theaaronjohnson).