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1. How/why did you become a hair stylist?
2. What inspires you artistically?
3. Who do you admire most in the industry?
4. Who do you like working on most, in other words who is your ideal type of client? (i.e.: celebs, regular people, brides, people who love to go dramatic, etc.)
5. What is your favorite category of styling (bridal, awards, editorial, character for movies, time pieces, etc.)?
6. Who/what has been your most artistically challenging or most outrageous client or event?
7. Are you familiar with Privé/Privé Products? Yes       No
8. What is your favorite Privé product and please give a great tip on how to use it, or tell something fun about who you used it on and/or where you used it.
9. What is the one product (any brand) you always use and bring to work?
10. Which celebrities have you worked on?
11. How long have you been a member of this union?
12. Which movies or TV series have you worked on?
13. Have you worked on music videos? Which ones?
14. What are your upcoming projects? Movies, TV shows, TV series, Magazine shoot, Awards (Emmys, MTV Awards, Oscars, SAG, Golden Globes, Cannes, etc.)
15. Have you ever received an award for your work? If yes, please list.
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