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learn from them, follow them and double tap...

we know you thrive on the go - you deserve education that works with your lifestyle which is why we're providing free, accessible education through our digital education platform. we're building a full library of styling, cutting and product knowledge, just for you.

be sure to follow us on fb for our live classes led by our wickedly talented team of inspirators (and yes, we looked it up, inspirator is a real word according to Merriam Webster). they're educators by definition, BUT OH SO MUCH MORE than that, like insanely passionate stylists with years of knowledge and experience under their belt who inspire, create, innovate and resonate.

privé PERKS

we're all about loyalty. stick with us and we'll take care of you ;)

get $30 in free products for every $300 you spend. it's that simple. buy more, get more, buy more, get even more.

your rewards will be available at checkout, so pick your poison and we'll send it with your shipment.

take it home, put it on your backbar or add to your retail stock - just like it should be, you choose what's best for your business.

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  1. you must be on a desktop computer
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get on board!

privé is available via our network of professional distributor partners. for sales, please locate your state and contact your distributor using the information provided below. states not represented by a Distribution Partner will be redirected to privé corporate, where you will get hooked up with one of our sales reps.

Map of territories 2020
  1. Sweis, Inc.
    Torrance, CA
    (310) 375-0558
    products available via online ordering
  2. Salon Only Sales
    River Falls, WI
    (715) 426-0626
    products available via online ordering
  3. The Style Garage
    Menominee, MI
    (906) 424-4300
    products available via online ordering
  4. Salon Redi
    Louisville, KY
    (800) 659-2701
    products available via online ordering
  5. Paramount Beauty
    Edgewood, NY
    (800) 755-7475
    products available via online ordering

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