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why privé

creating products that are kind to your hair, your body and our planet is a passion of ours. we provide you the BEST performance in the most natural way possible.

powered by clean fruit and plant ingredients, every bottle, jar and can is packed with natural superfuel antioxidants, revitalizing natural oils and strengthening proteins. the result? strong, shiny, gorgeously vibrant hair.

our shampoos and conditioners are pure enough to use as skincare. so wash your hair, wash your face and wash your worries away – you are safe with us.

btw, our products are made with the cleanest water in america at our own facility. we never add harsh cleansing sulfates like SLS, sodium chloride or gluten to our manufacturing process or test on animals.

proudly crafted in the USA.

spreading great hair and double takes one wash, style and spray at a time.


powerhouse blend

our signature mixology of natural goodness that keeps your hair in gorgeous mode. included in our products and crafted from two vital line-ups.

antioxidant line-up to invigorate and protect
antioxidants are nature's shield against free radicals, deterioration and damage

bamboo/acai/green tea leaf/goji berry/sweet green peas/pomegranate/charcoal

revitalizing line-up for rebuilding and strengthening from the inside out


Hey Girl Hey!

privé is all about you, but let us tell you a bit about us : )

we're a group of sharp, passionate women who...

believe that clean ingredients and giving back are the only way to go.

believe the best style is seen on a street, in a coffee shop or on a jogging trail.

believe that asking for products that perform AND smell incredible AND look #minimalchic in our shower is NOT too much to ask for.

believe in celebrating the individual, because personal style and authenticity will win over any trend, any day.

believe in what YOU believe in – binging on reality tv, giving in to late night indulgences, treating our bodies right and flaunting gorg hair that makes heads turn.

west coast guru customers,
privé obsession: volumizing dry shampoo go-to drink: sauvignon blanc netflix addiction: riverdale
east coast guru customers,
privé obsession: prep and protect go-to drink: ice cold water netflix addiction: game of thrones (HBO addiction)
social butterfly word of mouth,
engage, ​
privé obsession: finishing texture spray go-to drink: iced caramel macchiato netflix addiction: one tree hill re-runs
brand manager and graphic artista strategy,
privé obsession: every day care duo go-to drink: honey whiskey netflix addiction: master chef

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