August Smoothing Solution Promotion

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why privé

privé was designed by the same group of real life, beauty connoisseurs the brand is intended for, everyday people. while working on ingredients, package design, product performance and marketing initiatives, it didn’t take long to uncover what everyone values most in a brand:
authenticity and transparency.

we live for good hair days, but we know you can’t spend hours on your morning routine. our products are powered by the highest performing natural ingredients on the planet, developed to simplify your regimen. prive shampoos and conditioners are pure enough to use as skincare, because asking for products that perform AND smell incredible AND help in achieving that “natural look” in our shower is NOT too much to ask for.

we believe that personal style and authenticity will win over any trend, any day. The best style is seen on a street, at a coffee shop or the jogging trail, so get out there. we kept you in mind for every decision we made, and we know you will love it.

our products are made at our own facility with the cleanest water in america. we never add harsh cleansing sulfates like SLS, sodium chloride or gluten to our manufacturing process or test on animals.

proudly crafted in the USA.


powerhouse blend

our signature mixology is gentle on hair, keeping it safe and healthy. free of harsh chemicals, privé is not only excellent for your hair, but your health.

privé is full of everything you want, and nothing you don’t. We use only the latest and greatest ingredients from high quality suppliers, which created our two signature line-ups.

the antioxidant line-up was created to invigorate and shield against free radicals, deterioration and damage.

bamboo/acai/green tea leaf/goji berry/sweet green peas/pomegranate/charcoal

the revitalizing line-up was created to rebuild and strengthen from the inside out.


free of harsh, stripping sulfates and formaldehyde, it is important that privé products use only the best ingredients not only for keeping color and style safe, but your body and the planet as well.

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