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self care for your hair


with all this work from home, you would think canceled events and only going out in a baseball hat, sunglasses, and your mask would mean there are countless hours to focus on self-care, right? wrong! between making sure the kids don’t skip their online class, cooking nearly every meal, and the overall chaos of having everyone home every day is beyond time-consuming. self-care, especially for your hair - who does hair these days? - is easy to slide to the back-burner, so we’ve curated our go-to essentials for easy, healthy locks.

  1. morrocan oil

the everyday, go-to essential. put it on wet hair, mix it with hydrating creams, apply sparingly to dry hair; it doesn’t matter. in need of some extra hydration to fight frizz or stringy locks, morrocan oil is key to instantly smooth, lustrous hair. best of all, a little goes a looong way, so even a  tiny bottle can last months. 

  1. intensive hair mask

looking for a 2-in-1 time-saving miracle worker? privé has you covered with the intensive mask - nourishing mask and cleansing conditioner. a combination of jojoba, quinoa, and baobab proteins work together to combat damage. apply once a week for 2-3 minutes while in the shower for deeply nourished, rejuvenated tresses.

  1. deep condition

take a preventative step against hair damage by deep conditioning. by deep conditioning for 10-15 minutes after shampooing, hair locks in moisture, promoting elasticity and protecting against future damage from styling techniques. i like to deep condition on leg-shaving day - hello multitasking!

pro tip: straight from the lips of my hairstylist - condition after you deep condition! I don’t know about you, but that blew my mind. 

  1. damage fix

guilty of hair neglect these last couple of months of working from home? (hi - it’s me!) here’s the cure for damaged, brittle hair. whether you went platinum blonde sans professional stylist while in lockdown or been living in top knots and ponytails with no time to deep condition between kids playing video games instead of signing into a virtual class and signing onto your conference calls - damage fix shampoo and conditioner has you covered. the best part - this duo goes beyond one day of self-care by working into your regular shower routine. 

pro tip: bundle damage fix shampoo and conditioner with the intensive mask for the ultimate repair ritual!

  1. up your hair towel game

it’s 2020, after all; of course, there are different towels for different types of hair, and many now come with enhanced drying capabilities. one of my favorites - the aquis waffle luxe hair turban. this baby is super absorbent and cuts down on dry time without friction, creating less breakage, split ends, and minimizes frizz! It also has a button closure to easily wrap hair without falling off. 

  1. leave-in conditioner

continue hydrating all day with a little leave-in conditioner such as restoration treatment. applying on a no-shower day makes for easy detangling and protecting against pollutants, heat, and sun damage. your hair will thank you!

  1. hair mists

add a spritz to locks for a light way to wear fragrance. Perfume isn’t in the daily ritual for most of us right now, but a little mist is an easy way to freshen up the day. 

  1. scrunchie or hair clip

lastly, as we continue working and learning at home and the chaos continues, make the move from tight, breakage-inducing hair binders to looser scrunchies and hair clips. 

it doesn’t have to take an entire day at the spa or salon to have beautiful, strong, and healthy hair, just the right products that easily fit into your routine. find more easy-to-use, nourishing products at privé

by leslie berlin, guest writer

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