Memorial Day 2020


our top 7 holiday travel tips


this is a busy travel time for many of us, and whether you’re heading across town, across the state, or across the country, traveling during the holidays can make this otherwise wonderful time a bit stressful! here are our top 7 tips to make holiday travel a little easier so you can focus on more important things!

  1. add in buffer time for traveling - whether you’re taking a flight or cruising the highway, make sure that you’re adding extra time! if you’re driving, this allows you to drive a safe speed and keep your stress levels down! if you’re flying, this allows you to reroute if flights are canceled and get to your destination on time! and, although you may want to leave at the last possible second, consider leaving early. it may not be fun, but you don’t want to be cutting it too close when heading back to reality!

  2. when packing clothes, have a strategy - there is only so much space in the trunk or your checked bag! if your holiday doesn’t involve skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling, leave the puffy jacket at home and opt for lots of layers! bring a light jacket, sweaters and other items that you can layer which will keep you toasty and prevent you from jumping on your suitcase to make it all fit. also, make sure to throw in a couple pairs of warm socks. not only will they keep your toes toasty, but if one pair happens to get soggy, you have a backup.

  3. wrap gifts after you arrive - if you're hopping on a bird to get to where you’re going, be sure that all of your gifts are unwrapped, otherwise, tsa will be ripping open your holiday paper! better yet, skip packing them all together and ship them to your destination.

  4. gear up for the drive - if you’re taking a road trip, make sure you have some emergency supplies! keep an ice scraper, a car charger, and a blanket handy! snacks, like this trail mix, are also very important for keeping your squad from getting hangry.  

  5. hydrate - drinking water is always important, but especially when you’re out of your routine and that dry winter air takes the moisture right out of you! have a refillable water bottle with you at all times!! keep it in your cup holder or, if you’re flying, bring an empty bottle in your carry on and fill it after you’ve made it through tsa.

  6. moisturize - keep lip balm, facial moisturizer, and lotion on hand and apply frequently! have these products in your purse or carry on to keep your skin in tip-top shape.    

  7. remember your hair routine - that hotel shampoo/conditioner/body wash combo just isn’t going to cut it, and packing your regular size shampoo and conditioner will take up valuable space that you could be using for a bikini that you’re absolutely not going to use but might need. grab some travel size products! this is especially important if you are bringing them in your carry on, so remember the 3-1-1 rule (3.4 oz of liquid or less that fits into a 1-quart zip bag, and you get 1 per person). you will also want to make sure not to forget your styling products for that holiday updo! throw a texture spray or finishing hairspray in there and you’re all set! right now privé travel sized products are 20% off! not only will they save you space but they make a great stocking stuffer! check them out here.

we hope these tips help you on your voyage and make your holiday season safer and a little more manageable
. remember, this is a wonderful time to relax and enjoy your fam!

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