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new privé, who dis?


new privé, who dis?

it’s safe to say we all jumped into 2017 ready for a big change, right? our team has taken that resolution to heart and we’ve spent the first half of this year embracing a brand new privé. change is never easy, but we have fun taking a philosophy we love and breathing new life into it!

a little backstory: in february, privé changed hands, and with that came a new team of fresh-minded, young, motivated women (that’s us!), obsessed with making top-of-the-line products—and head-turning hair—accessible to everyone. we’ve looked at every aspect of privé, both for stylists and clients, and asked each other how we could elevate it.

ok, so what now? glad you asked! here’s a glimpse at what you can expect from privé!

giving back to a great cause with a purchase you would’ve already made is getting the best of both worlds. that’s why we’re giving 1% of all sales from privé to an incredible organization, project beauty share. we believe in doing more than a regram. we put our money where our mouth is—and you can too!

make an impact and #careforall with us. we may spotlight your story on our blog, so whether it’s packing up your old beauty supplies or dedicating a day to volunteering, use #careforall and we’ll find ya!

brand crush
we’re living in the age of brands and it’s obvious—just scroll through instagram! with the influx of partnerships and sponsored posts, the pressure to try the latest “miracle insert-product-here” can become overwhelming af. that’s why we rely on recommendations from our besties, and we’re here to share ours.

we’ll feature a new brand crush monthly and, along with an honest review, we’ll give you deals and free stuff so you can try our favorite brands for yourself! no gimmicks. swear ;) tell us your favorite products and they could be featured as our next brand crush!

privé blog
this is where the magic happens ;) we’re excited to connect our community through honest reviews of privé products from social media influencers and real people, featured spotlights on salons and stylists that we’re obsessed with (whether or not they carry privé!), and some insider tips from our video library! check in with us here to find styling tutorials, instagram accounts to follow, and updates from the team!

privé perks
what up, pro? ;) we have a whole pros-only section just for professional stylists! just login here to check it out. when you’re logged in, you’ll see details on all the new perks, download materials/info sheets for your salon, learn how to enroll in socialPOP, and more!

the best style is seen on a street, in a coffee shop, or on a jogging trail—not on a catwalk or in a studio. our model imagery is 100% individual. why go through the hassle and chaos of a photo shoot when we’re surrounded by gorgeous and inspiring women all day? That’s right, use that product, take that phone out, and snap that selfie. #iamprive

We can’t wait to hear what you think about the new prive! Comment below and say hello!

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