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sunrise/sunset blonde beverage tour


as a hair care company, we celebrate blondes every single day, but what is this new trend with blonde beverages?  chelsie and i decided to check it out on what we are calling our sunrise/sunset blonde beverage tour. (i promise we work sometimes.)

the coffee

first, we stopped by our local starbucks to test their new blonde selections.  this is sort of a big deal, millenials - the first new espresso blend they have launched in more than 40 years. apparently, we are all liking our caffeine fix a bit more concentrated as espresso drinks count for 1 in 4 drink ordered. blonde is a blend of latin american and east african coffee beans, which they claim is smoother and slightly sweeter than their traditional espresso. could it compare with the flavor of the bold roast we have grown to adore?

the verdict?  seriously. so good. silky and smooth and not a hint of burnt roast. now that i’ve gone blonde espresso, I’m not going back.

the beer
as much as we love our caffeine at prive hq, a beer at the end of the day is always welcomed. blonde ales are traditionally brewed from two-row malted barley, referred to as pale malt and are so called because they land between a 3 and 7 on the SRM color scale. they are also low on the bitterness and alcohol content scales for which all beers are measured. rounded and smooth, they are an easy drinking beer with no dominating malt or hop characteristics.  some have honey, spices or fruit added and they may be fermented with lager or ale yeast. honey, spice and everything nice?

as advertised, the blonde ale was crisp and light and didn’t leave us feeling too heavy or full.  it paired perfectly with our dinner salad and flatbread.

we don’t know if blondes have more fun, but blonde beverages took our day to the next level. let us know what your favorite blonde beverage is.

xo, kacy.


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