calling all blondes


the easy part is getting all blonded up. the hard part is keeping it looking fresh and fabulous. our new blonde rush care system was formulated to help a girl out on this front. 

no worries, blonderellas
we are here to save the day with superior technology that will make your blonde cleaner, brighter and prettier. our blonde rush duo uses innovative true blue-violet hair color pigments that cover a much broader spectrum of unwanted brassy tones. the addition of basic blue 99 provides much stronger and longer lasting counteraction by depositing a higher dose so that everything from yellow to red orange is offset. for best results, make sure you use both the shampoo and conditioner together as they provide a powerful 1-2 punch. and did we mention they are formulated without harsh sulfates or parabens and provide fantastic nourishment to your hair…

for a limited time, we are offering $5 off our blonde rush products.
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so why are blonding care products purple? 
the purple tones are used to counteract the tendency of hair to turn brassy (more yellow) over time. HOWEVER, the majority of blonding shampoos and conditioners use only violet#2 (you can check this on the ingredient listing), which offcolors as red and actually adds to brassiness. 
post and tag us with #blonderush so we can see your results. 

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